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At some point it tips in your favor

Metaphor time! Going from a life run by anxiety into balance might look something like this:

First, you are unaware that you are carrying all these heavy stones on your back. You can't see or feel them because being weighted down is your normalcy. You are taking two steps forward and one step back.

Then you catch a glimpse of them, and you realize life could be different. And so the work begins.

At first, you are working agains the stream, so many unbalanced areas of your life keep crashing in at you, and you don't see much progress.

Then, at some point, you are at least not picking up more stones... not picking more fights, not creating more lies, not doing this, or that harm to yourself.

And you figure out how to cast the first stone of your back. Freedom!

Well, the road has just begun, and you continue up and down the path. Stumbling, falling, getting back up.

For a brief moment, you reach equilibrium. You can actually traverse like this.

Then suddenly, wherever you go, you realize you have built houses with your rocks and are met with gratitude and a hot meal. You are propelled forward by past efforts. Your new skills and habits are working exponentially in your favor.

You might even discover that your legs are unusually strong from carrying all those rocks in the first place. Allowing you to go further than those who do not share your experience.


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