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Dad keeps calling. He wants to talk about the holiday. I want to talk about consequences. But really, I just want to dance. To the beat of the base the ice caps melts and the forests is turning to ashes. I am torn between extremes in a doomed world. But in the midst of the apocalyptic forecasts there prevails a burning love of life.

"This Is Not The End” tackles one of our generation's greatest challenges. With autobiographical elements and lots of humor, the audience is taken on a journey through resignation, fighting spirit and hope.

Length: approx. 35 min


In a subsequent workshop, the audience is given the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics presented and meet each other in a curated talk and creative output.

Length: approx. 45 min


Concept, text, performer: Tova Ekenberg

Director: Livia Hiselius

Livia and Tova are educated at the Norwegian Theater Academy and are driving forces within the contemporary performing art scene. Both are also teaching youth and adults in theatre and the performing arts.

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