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Photo: Daniel Mollberg


(+46) 729755778



Tova Ekenberg is a contemporary actress, theatre maker and pedagogue, based in Gothenburg.

- Conceptual Developement and Artistic Leadership

- Acting for Stage and Contemporary Performance

- Physical Storytelling and Clown

- Dance and Acrobatics

Artistic director of EXP Scenkonst.



- The fire- and circus show "When They Come" is opening the swedish festival URKULT August 2022.

- Spårvagn X, a brand new play by Adel Darwish, premiere on Kulturnatta 28 Okt, Gothenburg.

- Reworked edition of the 2019 solo "This is not the end" premiere at Gothenburg Fringe Fall edition.


- Performing artist in the piece “Last Glimpses of a World Fading” by Johan Leion, premiere September 2022 at Tredje Våningen.

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Bachelor in the fine arts, acting, Norwegian Theatre Academy 16-19

Storytelling och Clown, The Commedia School 21

Acting, Nordiska Folkhögskolan 15-16

Other education and workshops


Dragking, PotatoPotato
Chubbuck teknik, Elisabet Sevholt 

Clown, neutralmask och text, Per Sörberg
Viewpointts, Anne Jonsson
Human Voice, Ulrich Barfod 
Improv Field Technique, Sara Kanter
Complete Vocal Technique, Marta Parkman 

Cirkus Lab, Subtopia    
Koreografi 7,5 hp, DOCH    
Mim / Spoken body 15 hp, Uniarts 

A Selection of Previous Work

>The Body as Reference for (R)evolution by United-C, Performer, Gothenburg, 22

>Dansens dag, Humanography Project, Dancer, Gothenburg, 22
>When They Come, Director/Artistic leader/Performer, Nordcirkus, Edsåsdalen, 21
>Clown-shows in elderly homes and schools in Copenhagen, 21
>The Commedia Schools Storytelling Show, Copenhagen, 21

>Places Beyond at Fotografiska, Performer, Nordcirkus, Stockholm, 19
>Costume agency, Actress, KHiO, Oslo, 19
>Anti-porr, Assistant director, Donna Donna, Inkpnst, Malmö, 19
>I Wanna Know What Love Is, Actress/Dancer, Graduation show, 19


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