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Wall to Wall Hoyskolen Fredrikstad 2017 Vegard fiskerstrand.jpg


Choreographer/Director: Dan Safer (US)


Second year actors and scenographers premiere a new collaborative work with guest artist Dan Safer of Witness Relocation, NYC.

The launching point for the work will be extreme behavior in anonymous spaces - what happens in Hotel Rooms, Airbnb’s, waiting rooms. Public vs Private behavior. Intimate vs. distant. Familiar vs anonymous. How do we act when we are not ultimately responsible for our surroundings? How do we act when we are suddenly on vacation from our “real lives” (although we’re not really “on vacation”)? What kind of behavior do we dive into when we are in a liminal space? What do we do in the moments of our lives, and the places in our lives that feel like they are maybe not an ongoing part of our lives but a break from our usual reality?

This four week project uses a short and intense process, with a large ensemble investigating and playfully experimenting approaches to materials, choreography and space. One of the tasks has been to use only found materials for scenography, where recycling and reuse are involved in reimagining what things can be in a temporary, llimited space and limited time.

Felicia Chin-Malenski, Tova Ekenberg, Sofia Findahl, Jay Fiskerstrand, Ragni Halle, Gregers Andreas Hansen, Livia Hiselius, Nina Tind Jensen, Jakob Schnack Krog, Andrea Madsen Lindeneg, Linn Haldrup Lorenzen, José Cecilio Orozco Martinez, Nayoun Ryu, Naja Schønemann, Shiva Sherveh, Marie Sturminger, Duduzile Libazisa Sfiso Mathonsi
Eline Waldeland

Photo: Erling Krog / Vegart Fiskerstrand


Wall to Wall Hoyskolen Fredrikstad 2017 Vegard fiskerstrand.jpg
Wall to Wall Hoyskolen Fredrikstad 2017 (630 of 868).jpg
Wall To wall: Gallery
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