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we come into the world without a map

we come into the world without a map

blindly, we enter into the chaos that is reality

from the moment we are born we craft sand castles of theories

and study the strategies of others as they rise and fall

our parents did the best they could, lovingly sharing their maps with us

how upsetting then, when we pointed out all the blank areas or started scribbling on top of their most bold handwriting

look around you

see all the people who are doing the best they can, to sense make in a world of suggestions,

a subject who does not pose long enough to be captured

each one you meet, have pieced together a map,

from scrap material, mere residues of truth's passing

just like you, they are trying their best to live a good life, perhaps a noble life -

the person who hurt you today is playing the game as much as you are,

trying to understand what is meaningful, what love and friendship is, how to survive and how to thrive

so have patience with yourself, your lovers and your enemies, because we are all in this together, making more informed guesses, elaborating on our drawings of the beast that regard any understanding as an insult to it's very essence


10 july 2022

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