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Society, I am sorry

Dear Society,

I am sorry.

I don't want to kill you, I didn't mean that.

I take it back, capitalism, democracy, I don't want to end you, cripple you, stick your eyes out and sterilize you.

I was upset when I said those things. I was in pain. Because of what I have seen in your shadow, society.

First, I want to thank you.

Thank you for everything you have done, thank you for feeding me, clothing me, educating me. You lifted millions of my friends out of poverty, you made it possible for us to travel and connect all across the globe, you invented solutions for common sicknesses that where killing us, with plastic you provided so many people with affordable tools for a better life.

I'm sorry for all the hate I have launched at you. I got it mixed up. It's just that when I see millions of people starving in your wake, I am hurting. When I understood what you are doing to water and forest and the micro organisms that are vital to life itself, I get numb with grief.

I'm calling you out society, out of love for all living beings, I am calling you out on your bullshit.

Are you listening? I know you are because I am part of you.

Your plastic is poisoning us. Your unfair, unwise, distribution of food and goods is causing malnourtrishion for some and overconsumption for others. I need you to pause for a moment and listen, because the path you're on are killing us both.

But hear, I forgive you.

You didn't know better. You are still young and have so much to learn. You are just a child, trying your best. Maybe you get upset with me now society, but it is my duty, my fate, to live both your blessing and your curse and let you know where you fall short. So please, hear me out.

I'm sorry I called you evil, I know you didn't mean this to happen. It just did. You are a force of nature, arn't you? No more evil than the volcano, or the hurricane. Or maybe, you are in fact intelligent, maybe you are even good. I want to belive in you being fundamentally good, but perhaps, that too, is reserved for the human heart.

Still, so many people, whole species, depend on your choices.

I can't even fathom how it must be to be responsible for so many, for a whole world. To have earth's unborn children call out to you in your sleep.

That burden is yours to bear, I cannot take it off your shoulders, but let me know what I can do for you, how may I support you, friend?

Because I'm not going to abandon you again. No more separation, I'll be here until the end.

You are listening, are you not? I can see it now; a houndred billion nodes of intelligence writing you letters, just like this one. Patiently, you are hearing us out, slowly, with the speed of the giant you truely are, you are responding.

Thank you, for your attention.

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